About us

Walnut Lodge was built in 1906 and has been extensively renovated throughout its lifetime. From the 1960s through to 2002 it operated as Hotel “Bergzicht” (Mountain View).
After a thorough renovation in 2014, it was opened as a Bed & Breakfast under the new name “Walnut Lodge”, referring to the large walnut tree in the rear garden, which also provides a home to red squirrels.

The Lodge is the home of Gertjan Meulenbeld and Brian Elliott. Gertjan was raised in Maastricht in the Netherlands. After his studies in Amsterdam, he lived in Italy for 3 years and then, in 1987, migrated to Australia, living there for 27 years. Brian was born in Australia to Irish/Scottish parents, and apart from the 15 months he lived in Edinburgh in the mid 1990s, has lived in Australia all his life.

About Us

Now they’ve migrated to the Netherlands to follow their dream of living in Europe and sharing their home so others can enjoy South Limburg’s renowned hospitality.